Dara Seitzman
The Tempest Postcard THE TEMPEST
by William Shakespeare

Role: The Goddess Iris

Directors: Phillip Kerr and Mark Lamos
Assitant Director: Sarah-Jane Gwillim
Choreographer: Peter Sparling
Composer: Frank Pahl
Stage Manager: Nancy Uffner
Dramaturg: Cara Gabriel
Costume Designer: Nephelie Andonyadis
Set & Lighting Designer: Rob Murphy
Cast: Steve Best, Lisa Catrett-Belrose, Erik Fredricksen, Dan Hall, Philip Kerr, Zach Leland, Maclain Looper, Mike Mischler, Joan Morris, Eddie Murray, John Neville-Andrews, Beverley Pooley, Deanna Relyea, Christina Reynolds, Dara Seitzman, Aaron Sherry, George Shirley, Julia Siple, Margaret Smith, Tim Smola, Peter Sparling, Michael Spatafora, Quinn Strassel, Malcolm Tulip, Tony von Halle, Leigh Woods
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Tempest - Dara, Gang
Malcolm Tulip, Dara, John Neville-Andrews
Erik Fredricksen (front)
Tempest- Dara
Tempest - Dara, Goddess
Joan Morris, Deanna Relyea, Dara
Tempest- Maggie, Dara
Dara & Margaret
Tempest- George, Dara
Dara & George Shirley
Tempest- Dara, Julia
Dara & Julia
Tempest- Dara, Phillip
Dara & Philip Kerr
Joan Morris, Kerrytown Concert House founder and local resident Deanna Relyea and senior Dara Seitzman sang together as the three goddesses.......Each sang in a different style, with Seitzman displaying, by far, the most talent.
-Jenni Glenn, The Michigan Daily-Arts 12/10/99 Complete Review