Dara Seitzman

Role: Topeka Abotelli

Dates: May 2 - June 1, 2003
Director/Choreographer: Warren Kelley
Musical Director: John Coffey
Company: Seven Angels Theatre - Waterbury, CT
Artistic Director: Semina De Laurentis
Stage Manager: Michele Machalani* & Jean Marie Tickell
Scenic Designer: Nicole Copplinger
Costume Designer: Renee Purdy
Lighting Designer: Susan Kinkade
Sound Designer: Asa F. Wember
Dance Captain: Dara Seitzman
The Band: John Coffey, James Allen, Sarah Ribbens, Leo Lavalee

Book: Linda Thorsen Bond, William Repicci, & Charles Busch
Orchestrations & Vocal Arrangements: Bob McDowell
Special Material: Dick Gallagher
Cast: Mia Matthews*, Dana Mierlak, Veronica Mittenzwei*, Dara Seitzman*, Bethany Smith*
*Appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association
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The Ladies
Veronica, Bethany, Dana, Mia, Dara
The Band
The Band
The Band, Bethany and Veronica
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Dara Dara
Dara Seitzman rounds off the quintet of talented women in the Equity professional cast. As Topeka Abotelli, Seitzman presents the dedicated working mom who kept industry thriving while the boys were away. Though she portrays a rough-around-the-edges performer, Seitzman delivers a powerful wallop with her rendition of "His Rocking Horse Ran Away."
-Joanne Greco Rochman, The Valley Gazette 10/02/03 Complete Review