Dara Seitzman

The list below chronicles the various staged readings, staged musical readings, recordings, and concerts Dara has performed in since she moved to NYC.
February 1, 2011 - A Reading of a Play
Title - The Scavenger's Daughter
By - Gary Earl Ross
Director - Petronia Paley
Where - Urban Stages, NYC
Role - Narrator
Cast - Gillian Glasco (Maxine Travis), Gayle Turner (Connnie Pickett), Adam Wade (John Pickett), Marjorie Johnson (Ruthie Pickett), Harrison Lee (Alan Pickett), Leopold Lowe (Brian Pickett)
September 9, 2010 - A Reading of a Play
Title - Whistling at the Northern Lights
By - Jennifer Wynn Webber
Director - Frances Hill
Where - Urban Stages, NYC
Role - Narrator
Cast - Susan Greenhill (Marilyn), Susan Louise O'Connor (Caitlin), Thom Rivera (Martin)
March 19, 2009 - A Reading of a One-Act Play
Title - An Accident
By - Lydia Stryk
Director - Roger Danforth
Where - Urban Stages, NYC
Role - Narrator
Cast - Austin Pendleton, Amy Warren, Dara Seitzman
March 2/5, 2009 - Recording
Title - Legally Blonde
Role - Paulette (and Chorus)
cast - legally blonde
December 19, 2007 - A Reading of a One-Act Play
Title - Doorman Building
By - Stephanie Rabinowitz
Director - Lindsay Goss
Where - The Jefferson Market Library, NYC
Presented By - Living Image Arts
Role -
Cast - Craig Blair, Carrie Carmichael, Dara Seitzman
September 29, 2007 - Recording
Title - Sweeney Todd
Role - Beggar Woman (and Chorus)
cast - sweeney todd
August 17/18, 2007 - Recording
Title - Damn Yankees
Role - Lola (and Chorus)
cast - damn yankees
July 21, 2007 - Recording
Title - Godspell
Role - Sonia/Thomas Aquinas
dara-godspell confusion marissa booth tim
November 3, 2007 - A Reading of a Musical
Title - Tock Tick
Book/lyrics - Tim Nevits
Music - Gihieh Lee
Story - Tim Nevtiz & Gihieh Lee
By - Louis Lippa
Director - Jackson Gay
Role - Rose & Chorus
Cast - David Abeles, Jackie Baker, Jimmy Bennett, Eric Henry, Peter Maris, Michelle Moore, Brian Munn, Dara Seitzman, Gordon Stanley, Kimberly Vaughn
October 15/19, 2007 - Recording
Title - Company
Role - Amy
gang1 gang2 gang3
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April/May/June 2007 - A Workshop
Title - ME
By - Kirkwood Bromley
October 16, 2006 - A Private Reading
Title - Constant Resolutions
By - Denise R. Zeiler
May 13, 2006 - A Staged Combat Scene - for an Inverse Theater Co Benefit
Title - That American Shakespeare Thing
Scene Title - "The Might AmShak Cometh"
By - Kirkwood Bromley
Director - Timothy Haskell
Role - Lorelei Barbaloot Free (aka William Shakespeare)
Cast - Bob Laine, Sergio Lobito, Matt Oberg, Dara Seitzman, Michael Whitney

Also that night:
Michael Rau directed the "The Filthy Eskimo" scene from The Welcome Mask featuring: Laura Campbell, Meg McCarron, Timothy M. Reynolds & Scott Witebsky
Max Goldblatt directed the "Magic Cigar" scene from Midnight Brainwash Revival featuring: Corey Harrower, Randall Middleton, Timothy M. Reynolds & Zoe
Alec Duffy directed the "Beauty School Rave" scene from Burnt Woman of Harvard featuring: B. Brian Argotsinger, Cathering McNelis, Matt Oberg, Alex Smith, Marina Squerciati, Hank Wagner & Marshall York
May 8, 2006 - A Staged Reading
Title - The Loyalist
By - Louis Lippa
Presented By - Josef Reiter at 8th Annual TRU Voices New Plays Reading Series
Director - Richard Sabellico
Role - Narrator
Cast - Frank DiSpigno, Kate Kearney-Patch, Daren Kelly, Lexy Fridell, Dara Seitzman
March 27, 2006 - A Staged Reading
Title - Port Authority Throw Down
By - Mike Batistick
Director - Zetna Fuentes
Role - Narrator
Cast - Chris McKinney, Annie McNamara, Debargo Sanyal, Dara Seitzman, Aladdin Ullah
March 6, 2006 - A Staged Reading
Title - Arrivals and Departures
By - Rogelio Martinez
Director - Lou Jacobs
Role - Narrator
Cast - Michael Aronov, Matthew D'Amico, Maria Elena Ramirez, Dara Seitzman
February 27, 2006 - A Staged Reading
Title - Mahida's Extra Key to Heaven
By - Russell Davis
Director - Timothy Douglas
Role - Narrator
Cast - Michael Aronov, Matthew Lee Ehrlbach, Roxanna Hope, Dara Seitzman, Janet Zarish
February 13, 2006 - A Staged Reading
Title - Memories of Our Women
By - Arthur Giron
Director - Peter Bennett
Role - Narrator/Upstairs Voices
Cast - AnaMaria Correa, Veronica Cruz, Ricky Delgado, Annie Henk, Jesse Ontiveros, Joselin Reyes, Dara Seitzman
January 23, 2006 - A Private Reading
Title - Constant Resolutions
By/Director - Denise R. Zeiler
Roles - Leah, Intern 2, Kelly, TV Host
Cast - Allen Hale, Amber Hill, Scott Ryan, Dara Seitzman, Darryl Winslow, Denise R. Zeiler
December 5, 2005 - A Reading
Title - Paradise Street
By - Constance Congdon
Director - Erica Gould
Assistant/Narrator - Dara Seitzman
Cast - Judith Hawking, Colleen Werthman, Olympia Dukakis, Caroline Clay, Cindy Cheung
July 25, 2005 - A Private Reading
Title - Playing Alexina
By/Director - Rachel Kranz
Dramaturgy - Sarah Lambert
Roles - White Alexina, Charlotte
Cast - David Palmer Brown, Chris Gullo, Ylana Kellar, Michael OToole, Dara Seitzman, Paul Singleton, Connie Winston
June 7, 2005 - A Staged Musical Reading - The Threads New Works Series
Title - Stone Soup
Book & Lyrics - Ellen Seltz
Music - Rebekah Griffin
Director - Luann Purcel
Musical Director - Laura Bergquist
Role - Mrs. Curmudgeon
Cast - Larry Antonio, Matt Boethin, Gai Crawford, Ross Crutchlow, Diana Diaz, Charis, Fliermans, Mark Horton, Haley March, Lynne McGhee, Jenny Milsap, Mark Pierce, Joe Ricci, Matthew Seife, Dara Seitzman, David Sewell, Angel Valentin
May 31, 2005 - A Staged Reading
Title - Various Short Plays/Scenes
By - 8th Grade English Class at Secondary School for Law
Roles - Ms. Keeble, Aniya, Mia, Samadia, Karen, Liz, Kimberly
April 18, 2005 - A Staged Reading
Title - The Rootwoman
By - Michael Bradford
Director - Margarett Perry
Role - Narrator
Cast - Dondre Greenhouse, Christina Jolley, Alvin Keith, Angela Lewis, Lizan Mitchell, Dara Seitzman
April 11, 2005 - A Staged Reading
Title - Happy Family
By - Eric Gabriel Lehman
Director - Donald Brenner
Role - TV Voices/Narrator
Cast - Joe Ardizzone, Sasha Eden, Zabryna Guevera, Celia Howard, Ken Mayo, Dara Seitzman
March 21, 2005 - A Staged Reading
Title - The Dead Boy
By - Joe Pintauro
Director - Erica Gould
Role - TV Anchor/Bell/Narrator
Cast - David Bennett, Christen Clifford, J. Anthony Crane, Chris McCann, Steven Rattazzi, Dara Seitzman
February 14, 2005 - A Musical Staged Reading
Title - Rasputin
Book - Joseph P. McDonald
Music & Lyrics - Robert Hoover
Director - Donald Brenner
Musical Director - Jono Mainelli
Assistant Director - Dara Seitzman
Producer - Addis/Duke Associates
Role - Khionia Guseva
Cast - Martin Vidnovic (as Rasputin), Lynne Wintersteller, Jason Adamo, Ames Adamson, Rob Armstrong, Frederick Hamilton, Tara Howard, Robert McCormick, Dara Seitzman
rasputin pc
November 22, 2004 - A Staged Reading
Title - Manhattan Transits
By - Donna Spector
Director - Donald Brenner
Role - TV Commentator/Narrator
Cast - Steve Aronson, Genevieve DeVegra, Lydia Gaston, Susanne Marley, Dara Seitzman, Cherene Snow, Sam Younis
November 1, 2004 - A Staged Reading
Title - She Walks in Beauty
By - John C. Picardi
Director - Frances W. Hill
Role - Narrator
Cast - Mary Bacon, David Barlow, Kahan James, Dara Seitzman, Dana Smith
October 30, 2004 - A Staged Reading
Title - The Secret Death of Salvidor Dali
By - Stephen Sewell
Presented by - the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) - Sydney, Australia Director - Stephen Sewell
Role - Narrator/Voice Overs
Cast - Essie Davis, Dara Seitzman, Trevor Stuart
October 24-25, 2004 - A Staged Reading
Title - Cakewalk
By - Talsey Tinberg
Director - Kate Randolph
Stage Manager - Jana Llynn
General Manager - Michael Nassar
Role - Bersala Singer
Narrator - Leslie Shreve
Cast - Darlene Kardon, Dara Seitzman
cakewalk pc cakewalk cast2
June 25, 2004 - A Staged Reading
Title - Dona Gracia - The Life and Times of the House of Mendes During the Inquisition
By - Lillian Ann Slugocki
Presented by - Hourglass Group, Elyse Singer - Artistic Director Director - Erica Gould
Assistant to the Director - Rebecca Josue
Roles - Emilia/Maid/Narrator
Cast - Merwin Goldsmith, Nina Hellman, Chuck Montgomery, Andrew Polk, Ana Reiselman, Dara Seitzman, Angelica Torn, Mather Zickel
March 28, 2004 - A Staged Reading
Title - The Dictionary of the Khazars
By - Milorad Pavic
Director/Adaptor - Erica Gould
Music - Nikos Brisco (live guitar) Role - Ensemble
Cast - Jessica Blank, J. Anthony Crane, Merwin Goldsmith, Nina Hellman, Harrison Hogan, Steven Rattazzi, Ana Reiselman, Dara Seitzman, Rebecca Wisocky
March 15, 2004 - A Staged Reading
Title - Christmas Babies (aka Cakewalk)
By - Nalsey Tinberg
Director - Peggy Chane
Hosted by - Arlene Dahl & the National Television Academy
Role - Bersahla Singer
Cast - Darlene Kardon, Dara Seitzman
cakewalk cast1
November 8, 2003 - A Cabaret Gala for Theater Ten Ten
Title - Tropical Madness
MC - Judith Jarosz
Performers (and Accompanists in parentheses) - Carmon Caplinger (David Schmach), Dara Seitzman (Jason Wynn), Don Bill (Matt Castle), Cristiane Young (Matt Castle), Allan Greene & Juliana Boehm, David Fuller (Allan Greene), Andrea Rae (Matt Castle), Matt Castle (Jason Wynn), Lorinda Lisitza (Albert Ahronheim), Jason Wynn
October 30, 2003 - A Staged Reading
Title - To Heir is Human
By - Nancy Zaman
Director - Peggy Chane
Roles - Detective McCabe/Police Officer/Narrator
Cast - Scott Glascock, Manon Halliburton, Jenny Langsam, Ruth Miller, Sarah-Ann Rodgers, Dara Seitzman, J.T. Waite
August 27, 2003 - A Staged Reading
Title - The Beauty of Disaster
By - Janet Stilson
Dir - Peggy Chane
Roles - CD Hustler/2 Blind Men/TV Announcer/Angel/Narrator
Cast - Mark Belasco, Amy Carickhoff, David Chachere, Denise Cormier, Judy Del Giudice, Joe Greene, Dara Seitzman, J.T. Waite
April 21, 2003 - A Staged Reading
Title - Seven Rabbits on a Pole
By - John C. Picardi
Role - Julia
March 30 & April 6, 2003 - A Staged Reading
Title - Nine Lives: History's Hot Chicks & Scherazade's Daughters
Roles - (Part 2 of 3) Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Narrator in Four Proposals by Kim Bendheim
 (Part 3 of 3) Grandma, Narrator in Wolf Alone by Liza Steinberg
Various Dates - March, April, December 2003 & January 2004 - A Staged Reading
Title - Roses in December
By - Victoria A. Stewart
Director - T.L. Reilly
Role - Carolyn
Cast - Dara Seitzman, Lou Tally
March 29, 2003 - A Concert
Title - Jason Wynn & Friends
Lyrics & Music by - Jason Wynn
Cast - Stephanie L. Bonte, Greg Horton, Jill Johnson, Rob Langeder, Dara Seitzman
March 24, 2003 - A Staged Reading
Title - Mr & Mrs Hollywood
By - Barret O'Brien
Director - Larry Harbison
Roles - Narrator/Voice Overs - Announcer, Zoe Cast - Anne Crumb, Victor Slezak
March 17, 2003 - A Staged Reading
Title - Homebound
By - Javon Johnson
Director - Mel Williams
Role - Narrator/Ms. Brady
Cast - Omar Evans, Dara Seitzman, David Shaw, Ray Thomas, Christopher Williams
March 6, 2003 - A Staged Reading
Title - 800 Words: The Transmigration of Philip K. Dick
By - Victoria A. Stewart
Director - Erica Gould
Assistant Director/Sound - Dara Seitzman
Narrator - Jeremy Strong
Production Assistant - Marin Gazzaniga
Cast - Tony Torn, Bebe Neuwirth, Jenny Bacon, Catherine Curtin, Peter Jacobson, James Urbaniak
March 3, 2003 - A Staged Reading
Title - Full Bloom
By - Suzanne Bradbeer
Director - Erica Gould
Role - Narrator
Cast - James Brachitta, David Brown Jr., Catherine Curtin, Laura Leopard, Ana Reiselman, Dara Seitzman
January 30, 2003
Title - The Freely Given - A Musical Staged Reading
Lyrics - Dall Wilson
Music - Victor Herbert
Musical Director - Terry Wallstein
Accompanist - Mory Ortman
Roles - Thordis (cover)/Ensemble
Cast - Suzannah Ancell, Dave Bickle, Shawn Davis, Michael Deleget, Mathew Deming, Paul Fletcher, Lauri Galbreath, Devon Gofman, Richard Haslow, Alissa Hunnicutt, Daniel Judge, Stephanie Kenny, Claire Mailhot, Tim Marquette, Gail Marshner, Linn Maxwell, Kelly McCormick, Mary Murphy, Lynn Ross, Scott Sowinski, James Stover, Steven Wenslawski, Sandy York
November 25, 2002 - A Staged Reading
Title - Sanctuary
By - Frederic Glover
Director - Lou Jacob
Role - Narrator
Cast - Gerry Bammon, Lizzy Davis, Tyrone Henderson, Joanna Liao, T. Ryder Smith, Dara Seitzman, Marguerite Stimpson, Henry Strozier, Brian Vincent
November 18, 2002 - A Staged Reading
Title - Poet's Hour
By - Dmitry Lipkin
Director - T.L. Reilly
Role - Nonna
Cast - David Barlow, Michael Cannis, Kristina Demetriou, Sasha Eden, Mary Foggerty, Dara Seitzman, Irma St. Paul, Alexander Tresser
November 11, 2002 - A Staged Reading
Title - About Ethel Rosenberg
By - Lu Hauser
Director - Joan Micklin Silver
Role - Narrator
Cast - Joanna Adler, David Barlow, Larry Block, Joan Copeland, Cecilia DeWolf, Mark Ethan, Mark Allen Gordon, Helen Haupt, Clem Lawler, Dara Seitzman, Melinda Wade
November 4, 2002 - A Staged Reading
Title - Uranium + Peaches
By - Peter Cook & William Lanouette
Director - Frances L. Hill
October 21, 2002 - A Staged Reading
Title - Muses
Presented by - Patricia Watt and The Manhattan Drama Collective
By - Ted Enik
Director - Kip Rosser
Role - Alma Stayley, an artist's model
Cast - Andrew Dolan*, Sheri Graubert*, Lanie MacEwan*, Richard Marlatt*, Sean Runnette*, Dara Seitzman*, Stewart Steinberg*, Andrew Thacher*
September 30, 2002 - A Theatre-Dance Performance
Title - Rhythm - Let the Rhythm Hit 'em
part of Theater for the New City's - The Downtown Dozens - 2nd Annual Emerging Playwrights Benefit
Host - Moises Kaufman
Producer - Victoria Lincoln
Production Coordinators - Meg Morley & Elvira Thomas
Light Technician - Jon Weber
Techinal Director - Richard Reta
Director/Choreographer/Music Designer - Andre Brown
Assistant Director - Mike Jones
Stage Manager - Tashika Futch
Tap Dance Captian - Dara Seitzman
Roles - Tapper/Stepper
Cast - Jennifer Armas, Andre Brown, John Butler, Crytsal Hill, Edna Holt, Kashia Isabell, Mike Jones, Dara Seitzman, Ella Turenne
June 27, 2002 - A Once in a Lifetime Experience
Song - The Star Spangeled Banner
Game - Mets vs. Braves - Game #40
Location - Shea Stadium
mets ticket
December 17, 2001 - A Staged Reading
Title - Foxcodd
By - Ted Enik
Director - Kip Rosser
Role - Gleason
April 4, 2001 - A Musical Staged Reading
Title - Always There
Book - Landon Scott Heimbach & Abby Powers
Music - Shannon Sheridan
Lyrics - Shannon Sheridan, Landon Scott Heimbach & Abby Powers
Musical Director - Terry Wallstein
Roles - Una/Ms. Unger
Cast - Joshua Adams, Abbey Bowers, Beth Dalton, Brian DePetris, Cristy Hebert, Landon Scott Heimbach, Lynelle Renee Heimbach, Allison Hiroto, Robyn Lee, Scott Marshall, Dominic Nolfi, David E. Rhee, Andrea Scannel, Michael Seidel, Dara Seitzman, Cindy Sherbin, Doug E. Wynn
always there cast
January 20, 2001 - A Staged Reading
Title - The Option
By - Lily Rusek
Dir - Unknown
Role - Russian Woman
Cast - Sandra Alexander-Frederick, Roger, Anil, Velvet Ross, Dara Seitzman, Lisa White