Dara Seitzman
ironcurtain IRON CURTAIN

Role: Travel Agent/Ensemble

Dates: April 8 - 30, 2006
Company: Prospect Theater Company,
Producing Artistic Director/Director: Cara Reichel
Managing Director: Melissa Huber
Musical Director: Daniel Feyer
Choreographer: Christine O'Grady
Stage Manager: Shani Collen Murfin
Scenic Designer: Nick Francone
Costume Designer: Sidney Shannon
Lighting Designer: Stephen Arnold
Sound Designer: Jeffrey Yoshi Lee

Book: Susan DiLallo
Lyrics: Peter Mills
Music: Stephen Weiner
Cast: Bethe B. Austin*, Larry Brustofski*, Maria Couch*, Amber Dow*, Jeff Edgerton*, Jessica Grové*, Dominic Roberts* (replaced David Miller), Marcus Neville*, Dara Seitzman*, Doug Shapiro*, Robby Sharpe*, Rich Silverstein*, Gordon Stanley*, Brad York
*Appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

Benefit Concert Cast - June 30, 2008: Bethe B. Austin, Larry Brustofski, Maria Couch, Jeff Edgerton, Greg Horton, Ashley Fox Linton, David S. Miller, Marcus Neville, Richard Pruitt, Zak Risinger, Dara Seitzman, Doug Shapiro, Robby Sharpe, Lucy Sorensen
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photo credit: Cara Reichel
Ministry Final
(from L to R) Jeff, Rich, Amber, Robby, Doug, Dominic, Dara, Brad, Marcus
ministry2 ministry3
Ministry of Musical Persuasion

lapov desk
Amber, Rich, Robby & Dara
lapov pillow
Lapov Luxury

Dara, Jessica, Amber
Amber & Dara
Maidens - Dara
Dara as "Threshing Maiden"
Harvest Moon

Damnable Yankees - Pose
Damnable Yankees
Damnable Yankees - Final
Damnable Yankees

Marcus, Maria & Jeff
Jessica, Bethe, Larry, Gordon
Act1 Finale
That's Cap
That's Cap - Dara
Dara (as glam movie chorus girl)
That's Capital

Musicals - Dara
If Not for Musicals

Lenin Head
"Like 'The Producers' (with Soviets filling in for Nazis), 'Iron Curtain' simultaneously parodies and pays loving homage to old-school musicals, and deserves to be as big a hit. It's springtime for Khrushchev!"
-The Village Voice

"A gleefully ridiculous new musical... 'Iron Curtain' is working the formula of 'The Producers' and other big-time shows."
-The New York Times

"The fun flies as fast and furious as its dancers' tapping feet... Mills's ever-clever lyrics are, as always, worth savoring... Weiner's music effortlessly combines the glitz and glamour of Golden Age Broadway with scintillating Soviet song stylings..."
-Talkin' Broadway

"A deliciously ditzy book by Susan Dilallo, song after melodic song by Stephen Weiner with devilishly clever lyrics by Peter Mills, and talent galore to sing and dance up a storm."

"'Iron Curtain' is a heart-shaped box of theatrical candy for every fan of the genre... There is something in this show for everyone to enjoy: clever historical references, clever theatrical references, silly jokes, groan-inducing puns, and delightful songs... If you want to see the future of American theatre, head over to the West End Theatre."

"The casting is terrific and carries the day... there isn't a bad song in the bunch... when all's said and done, 'Iron Curtain' comes out smelling like a nice, Red rose."
-New Theatre Corps, Theater Talk