Dara Seitzman
Findlay Summerstock Postcard Company: Findlay Summerstock - Findlay, Ohio
Artistic Director: Dr. Ryan Chadwick
Production Stage Manager: Susan "Q" Degnan
Technical Director: Ryan Mays
Lighting/Scenic Designer: John Wiese
Costume Designer: Trillian

Role: Principal Alto

Director/Choreographer: Darryl V. Jones
Musical Director: Dirk A. Van Brussel
Assistant Choreographer: Megan McNulty

Conceived, Originally Directed & Choreographed by: Fran Charnas
Musical Arrangements by: Tom Fitt, Gil Lieb, and Dick Schermesser
Additonal Orchestrations by: Corey Allen
Cast: Drew DeCorleto, Darryl V. Jones, Nancy Owens, Dara Seitzman, Cortney Wright

Role: Cha-Cha DiGregorio

Director: Gary Bird
Musical Director: Dirk A. Van Brussel
Choreographer: Susan Grady
Dance Captain: Dara Seitzman
Cast: Jospeh Cook, Drew DeCorleto, Missy Finley, Andrew Fitzpatrick, Nehal Joshi, Patrick Matheny, Mary Bliss Mather, Megan McManus, Megan McNulty, Sarah Meuler, Nancy Owens, Keith Parker, Jason Rawlins, Kelly Roth, Shannon Ryan, Dara Seitzman, Cortney Wright

The All Night Strut
Opening - "Chatanooga Choo Choo"
Gimmie a Pigfoot
"Gimmie a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer"
"Jukebox Saturday Night"
Cortney, Darryl, Nancy, Drew, Dara
Finale - "It Don't Mean a Thing"

Opening - Grease
Opening - "Alma Mater"/"Alma Mater (Parody)"
Summer Lovin' - Girls    Summer Lovin' - Guys
"Summer Lovin'"
Freddy My Love
"Freddy My Love"
Hand Jive
"Born to Hand Jive"
Dara Seitzman, Susan Grady
with Susan Grady
Kelly, Dara Seitzman
with Kelly (Kenicke)
Drew DeCorletto, Dara Seitzman
with Drew (Danny)
Dara Seitzman, Trillian
with Trillian
(costume designer)
Beauty School Dropout
"Beauty School Dropout"
Grease Cast Finale
Cast - Finale